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Associative project
The Paths of Pyrene

"Les chemins de Pyrène" is an association of the 1901 type which was born from a collective in love with the mountains. Founded in 1985, this association has set itself the goal of supporting sustainable human activity in the Carança valley. By receiving hikers, breeders, representatives of the Regional Park and the ONF, "les chemins de Pyrène" welcomes this common desire to preserve the valley, the mountains and more broadly, Nature. For several decades, the guards have perpetuated this desire within an old pastoral shelter: the Ras de la Carança.


Welcoming hikers while preserving the environment

  • By promoting catering from local and ecological production.

  • By managing waste and its recycling.

  • By favoring the use of cleaning products with the Ecocert label.

  • By providing dry toilets.

Raise user awareness of eco-responsible actions

  • By informing hikers with different communication media.

  • By targeting key issues such as safe mountain driving, waste management, fire risks, etc.


Act in collaboration with local partners

  • Support the actors of the Pastoral Group.

  • Intervene with the mountain CRS.

  • Work with the Regional Natural Park of the Pyrenees.

  • Work with the National Forestry Office.

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